San Teodoro Hotel in Sardinia

If you are looking for a hotel in San Teodoro, we can recommend the Hotel Sandalyon, a three-star hotel located a hundred meters from the beautiful beach of La Cinta. Why choose Sandalyon? The hotel has 34 rooms furnished with the typical spirit of the area, a precise style, country, overlooking the sea front. The hotel has a restaurant with a cuisine, which whisks you away to the aperitif. But above all is the position to give you an undeniable privilege: the view from the terraces and from the windows is spectacular.

Tavolara Island and San Teodoro

The bay of San Teodoro and Porto Coda Cavallo has a tourist vocation which is expressed in a concept of hospitality high: three hotels, four star affordable and with sea views; bed and breakfast and farm; residences and holiday villages; apartments and cottages. Opportunities for every type of vacation, during all the months of summer, from May until October, thanks to a gentle climate, the evening is a refreshment thanks to the breeze that rises from the sea. The territory of San Teodoro offers two types of natural scenery, that tourists appreciate and which are each time a surprise. The hinterland and the surrounding area of ​​San Teodoro.

From our hotel Sandalyon you can explore the San Teodoro territory. The immediate hinterland is dominated from the natural pond, a wetland nature reserve, which offers the opportunity to observe the wildlife of the area, for activities such as birdwatching. Behind the municipal area you can access the central Sardinia, in Nuoro, the province of Nuoro, but especially the area of ​​the Baronie, immediately adjacent, offering the possibility of hiking the trails of Montalbo and in the Gennargentu National Park. From Orosei you can reach in a quad, on foot or on horseback highly spectacular areas, reminiscent of wild scenery, very unusual for our country.

The most beautiful beaches of San Teodoro

The three-star hotel Sandalyon takes you to the fabulous beach of La Cinta walk, without wasting time finding parking, having an advantage in busy periods. But fear not, the beach is so wide, wide as to leave place at all. The colors of the backdrop, low and wide, convey the feeling of being in the Caribbean. Thanks to the shape of the bottom you can play sports safely, especially for children, this is the ideal beach for families.

The Brandinchi beach is the Mediterranean Tahiti, more intimate and cozy than the Cinta, a short drive from our hotel. Lu Impostu, Isuledda, Porto Coda Cavallo are just some of the names coves surrounding the village of San Teodoro, and that you can experience alternately, during the period of stay. The marine area facing, centered on the two islands of Tavolara and Molara, is a protected nature reserve, a paradise for diving enthusiasts.